Stock Purchase Plan

Stock Purchase Plan

Direct Stock Purchase Plan

As a participant in the DirectSERVICE Investment and Stock Purchase Program, you can be the direct owner of your shares of Whirlpool Common Stock. New shareholders and current participants may make cash contributions of up to $250,000 annually, invested daily, with or without reinvesting their dividends, and can sell part of the shares held in the program without exiting the plan. There are modest transaction processing fees and brokerage commissions for purchases, sales and dividend reinvestment.

For details, contact Computershare or visit their Direct Stock Purchase Plan Web Site to enroll.

Common stock of Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) is listed on the New York and Chicago stock exchanges.

Dividend & Stock Split History

Declared Record Payable Type
Apr 25, 1972 May 12, 1972 Jun 7, 1972 3 for 1 Stock Split
Oct 20, 1986 Dec 5, 1986 Dec 31, 1986 2 for 1 Stock Split
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