Investor Overview

A unique Global Position to Create Value

Best Brand Portfolio

Five Brands with more than $1 billion in sales each

#1 Globally*

#1 in 6 of
top 10 countries


Launched ~100
products in 2019

Best Cost Takeout

~$375 Million annual gross cost take out (2015-2019)

Strong Regional Footprint

Net Sales by Region (2020)


North America

Strong value creation in a healthy marketplace

Latin America

Solid growth as Brazilian demand rebounds

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Restoring profitability after taking strategic actions


Strong India growth; cost-efficient production in China

Strong Financial Performance*

$19.4B Sales

(2020, As Reported)

Stable revenue growth in key countries

$1,246M FCF

(2020, As Reported)

Strong cash flow generation

9.1% EBIT

(2020 Ongoing, As Reported)

Focused plans to expand margins

10% TSR


Annualized Total Shareholder Return

Performance Image

Compelling long-term goals

5-6%Annual organic net sales growth

11-12%EBIT margin

7-8%FCF as % of net sales

Top-QuartileS&P 500 Total Shareholder Return

Balanced capital deployment & Consistent return to shareholders


Capex as % of Net


ROIC Threshold on Aquisitions

Invested $5.6B

in our business (2016-2020)


Target Dividend
Payout Ratio


Share Repurchase Authorization Remaining**

Returned $4.2B

to shareholders (2016-2020)

Ongoing Earnings per Share*11% CAGR from 2012 to 2020

*For more information, see Supplemental Information

**As of 12/31/2020